OGR6 Plan of Action: Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Today marks the end of the Spring Semester 2020. I would like to say a huge thank you to all our families. Thank you for your patience, your understanding, your flexibility and your effort to continue the education of our students and for the well being of our entire community. I would also like to acknowledge all of your teachers and administrators at OGR6. It would be impossible to count the hours and extra work and extra effort, to make this semester as best as possible. They are a tremendous staff and a great resource for the Oak Grove community. 

2nd semester grade cards will be emailed on Wednesday, May 27th. As a reminder, student grades could only improve during the school closure. Please contact your building principals with additional questions on grades. 

I would like to ask that all Chromebooks assigned to students this spring be returned to the district the week of May 26th through 29th. We will need to service those Chromebooks and have them ready for the fall semester which starts on August, 24th. Returns can be made at the Administration building at 601 SE 12th Street, directly east of the elementary. You may bring the Chromebook and charger between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Please call ahead of your arrival and we will come to your car to pick up (690-4156). All Chromebooks must be returned in order to avoid the $150 replacement charge. 

Students that were assigned Chromebooks and are enrolled in summer school may keep their Chromebooks for the duration of their class. If students enrolled in summer school need a Chromebook, please email or call to check one out during the same times as drop offs. 

As always, thank you for your efforts this year, have a great summer and contact me with any question

Dear Parents,

I have included some important information and dates for you to be aware of concerning the end of the regular school year and summer school for OGR6. 

Communication: Your building principal’s best way to communicate with you is through email. Please read all emails from the district thoroughly. If you need to speak with someone from the district, please email them and they will call you at the earliest possible time. The buildings are still closed and if you call, no one is there to answer or receive your voicemail.  

Students picking up belongings: May 18th through 22nd - buildings will be open on specific days and times for students to collect any belongings and turn in any items. This will include Chromebooks assigned during the school closure. Look for correspondence from your building principal with specific times. If you signed out a Chromebook and are enrolled in summer school, you may keep the Chromebook for summer. 

Primary - Monday May 18th - Kindergarten pick up

Tuesday May 19th - 1st grade pick up

Wednesday May 20th - 2nd grade pick up
Elementary - assigned pick up times from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on dates specific to each teacher. Please look for communication from your child’s classroom teacher. 

Middle School
Monday May 18th - 9:00am - 3:00pm - 6th Grade
Tuesday May 19th - 9:00am - 3:00pm - 7th Grade
Wednesday May 20th - 9:00am - 3:00pm 8th Grade

High School - Week of May 18th - 22nd. Please look for correspondence from Mr. Salmon. 

Summer School: Summer school will be held online, off campus during the month of June. Sign ups have been completed and you should be receiving notices from Launch through email. OGR6 is planning on hosting a Back to School session for summer school during the week of August 3rd through the 7th. More information will be provided soon. There will also be an online back to school boot camp through Launch, our online provider. 

Summer Activities: There will be no on campus activities for OGR6 through July 5th. There is a possibility of July activities for camps and activities. More information will follow in the coming weeks. 

Important Dates: 
5-18 thru 22-2020 - Monday-Wednesday : Buildings Open for students to collect/return belongings/return books, materials, Chromebooks
5-22-2020 - Friday: End of Spring Semester

5-26 thru 29-2020 - Tuesday-Friday: Student check out Chromebooks for
summer school


6-3-2020 - Wednesday: Beginning of Launch Summer School 

6-30-2020 - Tuesday: End of Launch Summer School

8-3-2020 - Monday: Beginning of On Campus Orientation Classes in PR, EL,
8-3-2020 - Monday: Beginning of Launch Back to School Boot Camp 

8-14-2020 - Friday: End of Launch Back to School Boot Camp

8-24-2020 - Monday: First Day of School - Fall Semester 20-21 

Dear Oak Grove Families: 

April 10th marks the end of the 3rd quarter.  Students should be in contact with their classroom teachers concerning any assignments that have not been submitted.  All required assignments were assigned before our last day of school, which was March 6th, 2020. All work since March 6th has been review and enrichment to keep students engaged in learning. 

 Oak Grove R-VI will honor the orders of Governor Parson to remain closed the remainder of the spring semester and educate students remotely. The district’s number one goal has always been to support our families and consider the hardships and difficulties that come with remote learning. All students are encouraged to complete the weekly activities provided by their teachers. These activities will benefit students through engagement and preparing them for the next grade level. Students that were on track, prior to school closing, will be promoted to the next grade level for the 2020-2021 school year. Students that were not on pace for promotion, will be contacted individually by administrators. 4th quarter/2nd Semester grades will be determined differently for each building. Please refer to the information below from your building principal with more specific details.  Important information and dates: 

  • High School and Middle School will send out 3rd quarter grades early next week.
  • Primary and Elementary Schools will not give 3rd quarter grades but teachers will add comments on student reports. See below for semester grades.
  • Weekly student packets/activities will still be utilized through Friday, May 22nd. 
  • May 22nd will be the end of the 4th quarter/2nd semester.
  • The next ECC/Primary and Elementary packet pick up will be Monday, April 27th from 3-6pm in front of Central Office.
  • We will schedule a day in May for students to come to their buildings to collect all belongings.  Summer school information will be released at a future date 


High School:     Students’ 3rd quarter grades will count as their semester grades.  Students may raise their semester grades by completing the lessons teachers are providing.  Students must also keep in mind that the essential standards are necessary for progression to the next course level (eg. English 2 to English 3 or Acting to Directing).  All requirements must be met by the students in order to receive high school credit. Senior requirements will be extended to Friday, May 15, in order for seniors to meet graduation requirements.  Students who failed 3rd quarter will need to complete the lessons teachers are providing for an opportunity to receive a passing grade for 2nd semester. Students with failing grades at the end of 2nd semester will need to attend online summer school and complete the required work to receive school credit.  Students must understand that credits affect both MSHSAA eligibility for activities and sports and graduation.

Middle School:      Student’s 3rd quarter grade will be their semester grade if the student/parent chooses. Students may raise their semester grade up to 1 full letter grade by completing the remote learning options provided in that class. Students currently with a failing grade will need to complete the remote learning options for an opportunity to receive a passing grade for semester. Students with failing grades at the end of the semester, may need to attend online summer school to receive school credit.

Elementary and Primary: The end of 2nd semester will continue to be May 22.  Parents will be emailed their student’s final report card at that time.  Teachers will not report progress on individual grade level objectives, however they will summarize the student’s academic and behavioral strengths and weaknesses. Tom Huffington

4-9-2020 Update:

OG Students, Parents, and Staff,


It was announced today that all Missouri school will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  This will bring about a large number of questions regarding many events and ceremonies that are held in the Spring.  We will continue to provide educational resources for all our students and will continue to update everyone as information comes out.   As we have done during this unprecedented situation, we will continue to adjust, develop, and revise as needed.  We will strive to communicate as often as we can to keep everyone informed.  Thanks again for your patience, understanding, and support during this challenging time.  

Dr. Bryan Thomsen 

 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Gov. Mike Parson has ordered all Missouri schools to close for the rest of the school year.

Classes for all public and charter schools will continue remotely for the rest of the school year, Parson said.

Missouri schools had already been closed through April 24 under the statewide stay-at-home order that Parson implemented late last week. 

On Thursday, the governor said he made the decision to extend school closures with input from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and several rural and urban district superintendents. 

There will be exceptions for nutrition and child care services, which were outlined when Parson previously ordered schools to temporarily close. 

“Although it may be hard to see now, I want Missourians to know that our aggressive efforts to combat COVID-19 are working,” the governor said. “We were planning for COVID-19 long before Missouri’s first case and have been taking action ever since.”

Additional Resources:

Below are some additional resources: Useful Websites About the Infectious Diseases and the Coronavirus from CDC:

www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html You might want to start here because this provides many more entries on CDC