Summer Academy Enrollment

Oak Grove R-VI Summer Academy

June 4-June 27 Middle/High School
June 5-21 Primary/Elementary

(Please see HS schedules as their times are different)


Please see each building link to look at classes offered and times for our Summer Academy.

Enrollment can only be completed online starting on April 1, 2019.

Step 1:

Summer Academy Parent Permission Form

Parents will need to submit the form below giving permission to attend our Summer Academy.  All students in your household can be entered on one form.  Our SIS Coordinator will then enter your students in to the SIS Summer Academy Enrollment. 

For students in the Primary Summer School Academy (Pre-K through 2nd grade)

Step 1 will be all you need to do until you get the paperwork sent home from the Primary principal Laura Oyler.

Summer Academy Parent Permission Form

Step 2:  
Wait 24 Hours after Step 1 for the Yellow tile to appear in SIS. 

Online Registration for Classes Instructions
(2019-20 3rd-12th Grades)

  • Our Online Registration to choose your classes for our Summer Academy Enrichment Classes is now open.

  • Please use the Google Chrome browser to enroll.  Desktop/laptop computers work better, so if you are having issues using your phone, please use a regular computer to enroll.  The Tyler Student 360 app does NOT display the link or yellow tile needed to complete the course requests.

  • We will fill classes as they are submitted and as they fill, we will take them off the list of available classes.

  • For more information on our course offerings, please click on the building links on the left.  Then complete your selections by logging in to the Parent Portal at SIS Parent Portal  

Instructions for parent’s to complete online enrollment for Summer Academy

1.    Log in to the SIS Parent Portal

2.   Select the child you want to register for classes.

3.   Click on the Course Requests button (if you do not have this button follow this link to the Step 1:  Summer Academy Parent Permission form.  After 24 hours you will be able to log in to your SIS Parent Portal and the yellow button should appear when you click on the child attending summer academy).

4.      Click on the "Add Requests" button (bottom right)

5.     Select Add by Subject Selection List”

6.      Click Next

7.   Click the + sign to expand the selection.

8. Check the box next to your selections:

9.   Click Next”

10.  Click on “Save” in the bottom right corner and you are done.  

11.   You can return to your home screen. You can now click on the yellow Course requests button and see what your child is enrolled in and/or make changes.

Please email or if you are experiencing any trouble.